Sunday, July 29, 2012


Coming soon, to this blogspot near you -- the long awaited, much anticipated chronicle of Fr. John's travels to the highland villages with Metropolitan Athenagoras, complete with dramatic photos. Stay tuned for the premier episode. Coming soon!


  1. Presvytera, I was thrilled to discover your blog! If I may, I would like to share it with the parishioners at Holy Cross. You and Fr. John are in our fervent prayers.
    -- Chris (Chrysostom)

    1. I'm glad you found the blog, too. Thank you for your prayers! Please share the blog with everyone, especially Fr. John's upcoming reports. It's important for everyone to know about the historical growth of Orthodoxy in Central America.

  2. Presvytera, thank you. I certainly will share this. The blog is very nicely done and your posts are delightful. I will ask Nena to have it noted in the upcoming weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter. Perhaps some of the others who share a burden for the mission in Guatemala might be willing to share a link to your blog as well; I will check with those I know. Again, thanks.